Secure and Strong: V4 goes cyber – Budapest


The third part of project „Secure and Strong: V4 goes cyber“ took place in Budapest on 19. May 2016. Project is realized by Slovak Security Policy Institute in cooperation with foreign partners and with support of International Visegrad Fund.

After Bratislava and Prague, Budapest was the third capital to host experts from the V4 countries. SSPI was represented by its Director, Marian Majer. Experts had three sessions. The first one with Gábor Pozderka, where they discussed „Cyber security and data protection in the Armed Forces “. Topic of the second session with Gábor Hirsch was „Cyber security concerns in the private sector “. Last session with Arthur Keleti was focused on the need for further cooperation of different sectors in protecting critical infrastructure.

It is a tradition to conclude each part of the project with a university lecture. This time Zsolt Illési (University Dunajváros) and Tomáš Flídr (Member of the Information Security Managers Council) discussed with students of Corvinus University of Budapest. Topic of this lecture was „Cyber security challenges and the V4 group “.