Project CyberEXP continues in Budapest


We have successfully concluded our events in Prague, and our project CyberEXP further continued in Budapest with two university lectures and workshops. Both lectures took place at Corvinus University in Budapest (Fővám tér 8., 1093, main building)

The first presentation was held on 8th of December with the lecturer István Virágvölgyi. Beside the main notions and threats of cybersecurity, the topic of the lecture revolved around notion of how does the cyber space change our perception of audiovisual materials. Disinformation and fake new campaigns are nowadays a very serious threat to our perception of the world and inseparable part of a cyberspace. Lecture gave clearer picture of biased information, how to recognize it and how to critically asses the information coming from cyberspace.

Second presentation of the same day was led by Botond Feledy, senior fellow of our partnering institution CEID and assistant professor of PPKE University. His presentation focused around the online fake new industry, deception campaigns and cyber threats. Students discused the cyber strategies of European Militaries and how they take cyberspace and information operations into account, how are NATO member states tackling disinformation campaigns. Students also discussed how are the states combining standard espionage, cyber operations and information operations, and how do the individuals and their security fit into this narrative

On 12th of December, we concluded Hungarian part of a project with two workshops which were held with a limited number of students, who have direct interest in the overlap of cybersecurity and international realtions. We simulated the post-cyberattack situation, where the students will assume the role two independent states. One of which is a victim of sophisticated attack and the second country is the main suspect of this attacks.

The first workshop was held at Pazmany university (Mikszath Kalman square 1, sophianum building, second floor). The second workshop was on Jesuit College (Horanszky street 20) later that day