Project Description


Cyber attacks do not target only governments and companies, they are posing an enormous risk to the online security of the general public. However most of the people have a distorted understanding of the risks, which are accompanying their presence in cyber space. Currently students are one of the most vulnerable group, to become a victim of the cyber criminals. They are currently one of the most connected group of people and being online is an irreplaceable part of their life. Although, their usage of the smart devices and wide range of online services is very extensive, their knowledge of security and risks is quite narrow. Students, attending universities, will in the future hold various positions and their experience and understanding of the online threats will have significant impact on their online behavior, and security.

Therefore this project aims to bring this issues into the attention of the students, through the university lectures, led by the cyber security experts, which will provide students with immediate knowledge of the threats they are facing in cyber space. In addition, students are invited to participate in the workshops, where they can gain an additional experience in the crisis management of cyber incidents.

The project is implemented with the organisational partnerships with Kosciuszko Institute in Krakow, Czech Institute of Information Security Managers in Prague and Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy in Budapest and with the financial support of Visegrad Fund.

Project had kicked off on 23rd of October by the first event, which was held in Bratislava, on the premises of Comenius University .