CyberEXP in Prague! 

CyberEXP events continue in Prague. Two events – university lecure and student workshop, were be held on 29.11.2017 at 13:00 at CEVRO Institute (Jungmannova 17, Praha 1, učebna č. 217B)

The day has begun with the lecture led by Mr. Aleš Špidla, director of Czech Insitute of Information Security Managers (ČIMIB). The main topic of the lecture was  “How not to perish in cyberspace”. During the lecture various notions of cybersecurity were discussed, as what is cyberspace, what is the the role of authorities in cyberspace and who are the main actors currently present in virtual space. Students while fewer in number, very eagerly discussed the presence of individual online and new trends and how to defend oneself from the threats coming directly from cyberspace.

The workshop was held with a limited number of students, which responded to the recruitment messages and have direct interest in the overlap of cybersecurity and international relations. Workshop has simulated the post-cyberattack situation, where the students assumed the role two independent states. One of which is a victim of sophisticated attack and the second country is the main suspect of this attacks.

Students experience the limited tools, which they can utilize to prove the source of attacks and will simulate a potential real life scenario.