Last activities of Cyberexp in Krakow


The lecture was be held on 8th of March at 16:00 in Public Library in Krakow (Rajska 1). Lecture was open for public and we are more than happy that we could welcome you and that you have showed interest in the topic. Lecturer was led by ROBERT SIUDAK of CYBERSEC HUB who is also a Chief Editor of the European Cybersecurity Market journal and Research Fellow in the Kosciuszko Institute. The main topic of the lecture revolved around the basic notions of cybersecurity. Atendees have discussed, the basic notions as what is cyberspace, what is the the role of authorities in cyberspace and who are the main actors currently present in virtual space. The event was held within the project CyberEXP, organised with the support of International Visegrad Fund.

The second event of the project Cybersec was held on 23.3.2018 at 14:30. This will be a closed event of cybersecurity workshop dedicated to a smaller group of students, with direct interest in cybersecurity. Workshop simulates the post-cyberattack situation, where the students have to take the role of two independent states. One of which is a victim of sophisticated attack and the second country is the main suspect of this attacks.

Students experience the limited tools, which they can utilize to prove the source of attacks and will simulate a potential real life scenario.