Impact of the Russian Aggression in Ukraine on Security Discourse in NATO

Major project objective is to address the lack of the specialized course on security studies in the Eastern Partnership states. The project envisions the contribution into the creation of the security studies program in a Ukrainian university. Among the partner organizations in Ukraine are Hennadiy Udovenko Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine and Mechnikov Odessa National University.

This publication is an attempt to deconstruct conceptual and policy shifts currently occurring in the international security environment. The main analytical departure point was to study strategic adaptations triggered after 2014, with the annexation of Crimea and the outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. It offers an overview of the security policies of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, then resorts to analyzing the cases of selected states and organizations ranging from global players such as the European Union and North Atlantic Treaty Organization, United States, United Kingdom, China, to regional states such as Poland, the Slovak Republic and Romania. The methodology of this study is based on the content-analysis of selected states’ and entities’ main strategic documents, which were updated to reflect the new perception of threats these states and organizations face.

According to the project, several activities should be covered one of which is a preparation of study materials  like publication on the updates of the security policies of the leading states after 2014 and textbook “Introduction to the security studies” to be available for teaching at Ukrainian partner universities.

The project is viewed as a cornerstone for the sustainable security studies program to be further integrated into the university’s curriculum.  The outcome of the project should be the development of special capacities in university to teach the specialized course in security, including training of lecturers and publication of relevant study materials.

Book is available to download in the bottom section or HERE.