Project Description

Secure your knowledge

In cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak republic, Slovak Security Policy Institute launched project „ZaBEZPEČ SI VEDOMOSTI “(„Secure your knowledge “). In 2016, SSPI published 8 texts, which offer interesting and up to date information about global and European security.

In total, eight study materials were published to encourage young generation’s interest in security issues and to present them the challenges Slovakia faces as an EU and NATO member. The readers got an insight into global security issues and can orientate better. Materials are available on the Internet, free of charge.

Project aims to draw attention of young generation and general public to security topics and challenges that Slovak republic faces as the member of the EU and NATO.  Ambition of this project is to enable general public to gain fundamental information about security topics without any need to study scientific texts in foreign language and without complicated process of searching for credible information. The project also offers a theoretical basis of current security situation, which can be motivation for further research.

SSPI published these texts in a text-book “Secure your knowledge“, in Slovak language.

Published texts:

“What is security?”

“Traditional threats and their significance”

“New threats”

“Cyber security”


“International organizations and security – European Union”

“Information war and propaganda”

“International organizations and security – NATO and UN”