Project Description

Winter School: Teachers against Disinformation

Slovak Security Policy Institute in cooperation with British Embassy in Bratislava organized third education seminary for teachers “Winter school: Teachers against Disinformation”on 22nd  24th March 2019 in Banská Bystrica, which is a follow-up to Autumn school: Teachers against Disinformation.

The purpose of Winter School is to inform high-school teachers about current hybrid threats such as disinformation, propaganda or fake news. Project seeks to develop teachers’ skills and acquire knowledge in these areas. Subsequently, they teach their students to think critically and prevent further spread of disinformation and radicalization of the society.

During the Winter School, leading Slovak experts and activists led workshops, lectures and trainings for teachers on which they enhanced their knowledge.

HANDOUT Teachers against Disinformation 2018 (in Slovak)

HANDOUT Teachers against Disinformation 2017 (in Slovak)

PHOTOGALLERY Teachers against Disinformation 2019

Slovak Security Policy Institute is the only responsible for project’s content.